How Does It Work?

Working it's way down

A candle working it’s way down

How Does it Work?

Spiral Light’s spiral burning self-filling candles are a new twist on an old staple. First, remove the label and place your candle on a fire proof dish. You are now ready to see your candle get to work. It’s works by first lighting  the cotton wick that can be found on the outer top edge of the candle. This lead free, self trimming wick burns around the hollow center. The wax slowly pools around the free standing wooden wick and forms a new candle. When the inner level of wax is equal to the outer level of wax, the spiraling wick will self extinguish. This works not only by the wax pool snuffing out the flame, but also by the carefully placed height of the wick, which guarantees that it won’t burn to the bottom of the candle. Now that the spiral part of your spiral burning candle is done, it is time to enjoy the second part of your candle. Allow enough time for the wax to cool, the simply trim the wooden wick to 1/4 inch and light.

How Does the Christian Candle Work

Christian Candle

How does the Christian candle work?

This new concept packages the wick on the side of the candle allowing it to be taken off. Remove the wood wick from the label and write on your intention. Insert the wood wick into the metal clip located at the bottom inside the candle. Light the wick on the top edge of the candle and watch as the wax collects around your intention creating a new candle. After the spiral candle is finished light the wooden wick for additional burn time. Now, every time you light this candle you’ll know that it’s for that special intention.

The horizontal spiraling wick self extinguishes when the inside wax level reaches the top of the spiral, to prevent any spilling.This creates a solid pillar candle.